Cheapskate Dates was something I created to help people have a little more fun and better weed out folks from their dating lives who won't end up jiving... in the long run, at least.

You can use these 'Outlined Outings' as a jumping off point for your own dates or simply follow the rough guide I provide. I've categorized things to help funnel you into the area best suited.

Obviously Cheapskate Dates is still a WIP/Work In Progress (some of you saw "whip" and thought something else haha).
The content from the app is derived from pages in an ebook I wrote over a family vacation but never published.

As of current, the database only contains a few dozen of the Outings and is (slowly) being added to. More and more..

Most importantly, this web app works as a nice little portfolio piece to show a CRUD App with APIs and SQL database integration. If that doesn't mean anything to you--don't worry. It's not supposed to (unless you're hiring for webdev jobs or are wicked turned on by someone talking nerdy??)

If you want days-old updates about things that I'll put up when I get around to it, follow me on twitter @CheapSkateDates.