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Fabulous ($5) Shopping Spree


Let your date know how special they are to you—even if it’s the first time you’re meeting. Tell them you want to whisk them away for a fabulous shopping spree. Make sure to emphasize that they can choose any 5 things they want and that tonight... money is no object.

Then, find a parking spot at the Dollar Store and reiterate that “money is no object” & they can “choose any 5 things that their heart desires."

The Overview

WHAT You Need

$5 (plus tax) and a sense of humor

A good sense of humor is probably the most important aspect of this date. Once your companion realizes you're headed to the Dollar Store, there might be some initial resistance. For that reason, it's generally best to keep it cryptic about the destination address.
But fret naught, it's easy to overcome and I explain exactly how I conduct this outing.
Obviously, without a Dollar Store... this date pretty much doesn't work.
And of course, without your $5+, you'd otherwise be leaving empty handed.
Take your date by the hand, and walk each isle, suggesting items for one of their 5 and asking their opinion on each thing that catches your eye. At the end, ring up your purchase and go find something fun to do with the 5 items.

WHEN to do it

When do they close?

I almost made this mistake once and had to rush to make it with my date before they closed. So, lesson learned is check the store hours during the planning phase of this outing. 9pm was when the Dollar Stores closed for me, but Dollar Tree or Dollar Emporium or Dollar-Whatever you have in your area probably have different hours.

WHERE to go

Dollar Store Locations

Better make sure there are at least a couple options in your area and you're not having to drive 45 miles each way to spend $5.