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Vision Boards & Bitchin' Scores!


Back in the day, The Law of Attraction was all the rage (still is now apparently). Everyone loved the idea originally because it seemed so simple--I just ask for what I want and think about it really, really, really hard... and it'll just magically show up in my life!
Granted, it was a little more nuanced than that and I may have taken some liberties with the description. But ultimately, the idea was "whatever you focus on.. focuses back on you."
This means if you think about bad stuff, you'll jiust get bad stuff. Flip side of course, if you focus on good stuff, you get good stuff.
So, one of the "exercises" someone may do is creating a Vision Board. This is basically just a serial-killer-style cut-out collage of various things from magazines and words/letters formed into phrases/sentences that represent your ideal future (aka "present") life.
Pictures of mansions with a tennis court or a fleet of luxury cars. Pictures of whatever represents the things you want your future to look like.
You may need to gather up some old magazines, newspapers, junk mail ads, etc. etc. to have enough material to craft a thorough vision board.
A good place you can find some "resources" would be Real Estate Circulars that are often in the breezeways of your local grocery store chain. These are usually newspaper style books or leaflets that feature houses of all kinds--especially super fancy ones. Grab a bunch of these and find your dream home. Right next to those pamphlets, you should probably see some Auto Traders or other Car, Boat, RV type of ads. Grab those. There is gold in there. Find your dream cars. Find a badass RV that you can take to your Lake House that you found in the Real Estate ads. Get the idea? Of course you do!
Then, as you co-create with your date, talk about all the cool stuff you will be doing at these places--use the (with) WHO, WHAT, WHERE, & WHEN as a guide. Who will you be with? (family? friends? etc) What will you all be doing? (water ski? snowboard? chill?) Where will you be doing this stuff at? (Lake house? Mountain cabin? Beach condo?) When will you be doing it? (Spring break? Winter vacation? Summer home?)
The wilder your fantasy life, THE BETTER!

The Overview

WHAT You Need

If you can see if, you can achieve it!

There's no way you haven't heard of The Secret by now (or some variation of The Law of Attraction). One of the things they talk about is creating a Vision Board. Think of this like a grade-school collage project where you just cut out pictures of all the stuff you want and words/letters that have special meaning to you. This can be anything from serious to goofy, which is great--it doesn't pigeon hole yourself into some dry, boring blah thing.
So, grab as many magazines and old junk mail as you can, find some old newspapers or cool advertisement flyers and then start cutting up the pieces that make up your future fabulous life.

WHEN to do it

There's no time like the present..?

Depending where you end up going may further narrow down WHEN you do it.
If you choose to spread your art projects out over the tables of a local cafe, great. Figure out their business hours and least busy times, schedule it up & go!
Otherwise, if you plan to make things a little more private, one of your places is probably the ideal situation. As long as there's somewhere to cut, glue, and chat, you're golden.

WHERE to go

Gather your supplies, and then WHERE EVER!

Once you have your magazines and glue-sticks and such, you can pretty much just post up at someone house--or, if you're a real gangster, a 24-hour diner or Starbucks. Covering your table with magazine scraps and blobs of non-toxic glue are probably not in the restaurant's job description (though that might be nicer to pick up than half-finished pancakes or a picked-apart chicken sandwich.
But regardless of where you choose, as long as you keep it playful, it'll be a fun time.