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Tinder, Tequila, & Too Much Fun


Create a Tinder account for your couch or a made-up individual. You'll want to use a 'burner email' to create the account, unless you want this to be your actual/personal account. If that's the case, go for it.
Otherwise, make an account & start acquiring matches with your date.

The Overview

WHAT You Need

Fun and making-Fun of stuff!

Post up at a bar or some other agreed upon spot, pop open your Tinder app, and start co-swiping with your date.

WHEN to do it

The earlier, the better...

Honestly, the earlier you choose to do this will probably be proportional to the success/fun level.
Later times are usually busy. Busy means loud. Loud sucks for trying to crack jokes and make fun of weirdos on dating apps. If possible, pick a time either early in the evening if it's a weekend, or choose an off-night like a Tuesday or Wednesday.

WHERE to go

Anywhere's fine, as long as they've got WiFi

Truthfully, you could probably just use your mobile data if the wifi sucks...
But aside from that, any bar/pub/brewery will do! Just replace 'Tequila' with drink-of-your-choice.
Extra points if you keep the alliteration.