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I Don't Karaoke How Bad You Are


Whether you're there singing or just watching the soon-to-be-Idols, Karaoke is always a good time. Numerous places around your area should offer Open Mic or Karaoke at least a few nights of the week, so short of a global lockdown due to a pandemic, you should be able to find a Karaoke spot relatively easily.

The Overview

WHAT You Need

Step 1. Pick a song. Step 2. Embarass yourself?

Even if you're not a good singer, there are ways around this. Bob Dylan songs for instance. Or songs that are intentionally done bad (Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, etc).
However, the easiest genre to do in my opinion, is rap.
Rap is the easiest Karaoke option to be "good-shitty" at. Singing, on the other hand, you have to be somewhat in-tune, find spots to breathe, use proper inflection, etc. There's a lot to think about with singing while with Rap, you can just basically talk in a structured cadence and people will be ok with it. With Rap, as long as you know (most of) the words and have a (somewhat) steady cadence... easy, done. I'd suggest "old school" songs as well like Warren G - Regulators. This is a crowd favorite from what I've experienced. Everyone knows it and it's not too difficult to perform.
Are there any songs you can think of that would make a "good" karaoke option? My personal favorite is SkeeLo - I Wish. (feel free to steal that one and use it for yourself--another crowd pleaser that poeple will sing along during the chorus with)

WHEN to do it

I've got 1 kitchen table and no Microphone...

Unless you've got your own Disco-Tailgate rig, you are (like many of the other outings) limited by the hours of operation for said-business. Pro Tip: Check Google, or, you can use the "Find A..." option to search for "Karaoke" in your zip code or city.

WHERE to go

Hey Siri... Where can I Karaoke?

Unfortunately, Karaoke isn't like a dance battle where it could just go down at any time, any where. Granted, you can invest in a portable/home karaoke machine and take the party to your place. Heck, you can even just search on YouTube for "< song name > karaoke" and you'll find an instrumental/karaoke version that you can sing along with.
But, short of running a Speakeasy-style Karaoke club out of your domecile, you may be relegated to searching the internets for available options.
You can use the "Find A..." feature and search for "Karaoke" in your zipcode or city to find places that are rocking mics and melting faces.