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Zombie ACOSTCOlypse


Costco (and other "Warehouse Stores") are great for stocking up. And what better time to stock up than a Zombie Apocalypse?
This date can be super fun for former-drama-nerds and role-playing patrons alike as you get to flex a bit of your acting chops and imagination skills.
Upon entering the parking lot, survey the scene for a decent spot. If you really want to play it up, back into your parking space & let your date know, “ case we need to leave in a hurry..” Plus, it’s actually 25% safer to pull out/through of a parking spot facing forward.

You both should already be under the pretense that you’re doing a “Zombie Apocalypse” shopping trip. The one rule is that you can only take what you can fit into the cart.

It’s part strategy, part jenga, part pseudo-analysis of your dates choices for items necessary post-apocalypse.

Then, once you’ve filled the cart to both of your liking, casually leave it in a back isle somewhere and make a B-line for the exit. The employees get paid to restock the shelves anyway, plus—one of them might be able to glean a few good tips off of you & your date’s zombie apocalypse impromptu choices.

The Overview

WHAT You Need

Costco Membership (or just goto Wal-Mart) and some Zombie knowledge

If you've never seen a a zombie movie before, you're going to need to be a fast learner.
Also, you'll probably need to grab a shopping cart (duh...) and maybe even a disguise (assuming you want to come back here and shop someday).

WHEN to do it

Special Holiday Hours? Or is it just Tuesday?

Pretty straight forward way to narrow down the "when" is: business hours.
Short of being a key-holding store employee, you will probably need to stick to the standard open-to-close times provided on their website.
But once you have that window figured out, you can further determine the best time. Weekend afternoons are AWAYS going to be busy, but they are also always going to have the 'Senior Buffet' aka the billion sample brunch. There will be no less than a dozen employees, setup & handing out food samples. While you're filling your cart with survival essentials, make sure to fuel-up with all the samples you can eat. Plus, this may possibly save you from having to pay for a real meal later. Always thinking...

WHERE to go

Costco Locations

Better make sure there are at least a couple options in your area and you're not having to drive hours to find a warehouse club store