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Backpack, Boardgame, & a Bottle/Beer


This is a low-key date that is best suited for a sunny, warm day outside, but can truly be done anywhere. If you’re a non-smoker, a bottle of wine/beer/whatever can be substituted for the blunt portion.

The Overview

WHAT You Need

Backpack, a Board (or card) game, and something inebriating

Other than those things listed above, a simple place to eat/play is really all that you'll need...
..and a blanket or something to sit on to make it pic-nic'y

WHEN to do it

Pretty much whenever? (weather permitting I guess)

I almost made this mistake once and had to rush to make it with my date before they closed. So, lesson learned is check the store hours during the planning phase of this outing. 9pm was when the Dollar Stores closed for me, but Dollar Tree or Dollar Emporium or Dollar-Whatever you have in your area probably has different hours.

WHERE to go

Is it flat? Good enough...

Ideally, a picnic is outside, but it doesn't really matter. You could even post up in your living room on the floor if it's raining or you're just lazy as hell and trying to score.