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21st Birthday Mulligan


Most of us (barely) remember our 21st birthday. It's probably a blurry haze of drinks, laughs, and possibly a little bit of puking.
All in all, it may or may not have been a memorable experience...
So, in the age of re-identification, let's say F-it and give yourself a re-do on that devlishly defining age.

The Overview

WHAT You Need

"I'm older, wiser... and my friends can actually afford to buy me drinks now!"

It's fun to pretend to be 21 again. And if anyone gives you a hard time about it, tell them to "F off, I identify as a 21 year old tonight."

WHEN to do it

Before 2am?

Honestly, any day is great. Doing it on an actual birthday is a little better, but definitely not required.

WHERE to go

The more laid-back the bar, the better.

You can suss out the vibe of a venue the moment you step in. You probably already have a good idea of the spots that are chill and the spots that are... well, not. Either pick a 'home base' or use the Pub Crawl method. Either way, really any bar will suffice.