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Low-Budget Bar Tenders


Hiring your own mixologist for a date can be pretty pricey. Heck, even going to the bar costs too much. So, instead, become a low-budget bar tender with this little trick.

The Overview

WHAT You Need

YouTube Mixology Degree

Figure out how to make some sort of semi-fancy drink. YouTube has lots of people who fancy themselves the next Tom "Cocktail" Cruise, so let the algorithm guide you down a booze-soaked rabbit hole.
Once you have your cocktail list designed, grab a bunch of mini-bottles from your local alcohol store. I say mini-bottles because we're trying to keep this under $20 without resorting to stealing or breaking the law. Now, re-watch that YouTube video a few more times and memorize the coolest parts. Then, proceed to impress your date while you cue up "Cocktail", conjure up a creative concoction, then curl up on the couch to watch the movie and criticize Cruise's technique.

WHEN to do it

Anytime is fine when you're the one mixing the drinks!

You set the schedule, you pick the time. Since this is date is either going to happen at one of your places or potentially in the liquor store parking lot while you stream Netflix on your phone.... the idea is you can basically do it whenever. Granted, some pre-planning on ingredients list is suggested, but part of the fun is making the purchase together.

WHERE to go

My Place or Yours?

As long as there's cups and maybe a television, you're pretty much set. And honestly, you don't even need the television part. However, it's much better to watch something like "Cocktail" or "Club Paradise" or something in that genre.