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Mistress or Daughter?


Pretty self-explanatory. You and your date try take turns choosing a "couple' and decide whether the woman with the man is either his mistress or daughter. Youo can keep score, but it's a tough game to actually verify the points without (potentially) pissing someone off.

The Overview

WHAT You Need

Does she look young enough to be a daughter or mistress?

Take a gander at the crowd of people around. Try to pick out couples... are there any that look like there's a bit of a... 'gap' in age? Perfect! Start over analyzing!

WHEN to do it

Well, we're not getting any younger..

If you 'keep getting older, and they stay the same age,' this might hit too close to home. However, if you're not a total creep, you can settle for being a creepy voyeur.
Survey the scene and see if you can pick out any people who could pass for parents compared to the person they're with.

WHERE to go

Go Where The People Are!

Any and all social gatherings, bars and pubs, or simply a walk downtown. Any place that you have the chance to see people together... that's a good 'where' that you can go. The busier, the better!