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Schizophrenic or Bluetooth Headset?


This is a pretty easy one. You basically decide if a person is talking to themselves... or a person on a bluetooth headset. Granted, even if you SEE a bluetooth headset in their ear, that's not always an indication that they are NOT suffering from multiple personalities.

Essentially, you and your date will keep score while trying to determine if a person is hearing voices in their head, or hearing voices from the bluetooth headset they may be wearing.

The Overview

WHAT You Need

Are they talking to themselves or someone on the phone?

This shouldn't be that tough... right?
If you see a bluetooth headset, you can pretty much make that call. However, it's not always that easy and they may just be a crazy person WEARING a bluetooth headset. For that reason, you and your date should try to determine A.) Who they're talking to -- it could be a business call or a direct line to Jesus. B.) Why they're talking to them -- closing that Ferchetti deal or channeling a long dead relative? That's up to the two of you.

WHEN to do it

Arm-Chair Psychologist with FREE Diagnosises!

People watching games are good for virtually any time, any place. They're a great option to kill time or help break the ice.
Waiting for a table at a restaurant? Play some people watching games! Stuck in line for a show? Play some people watching games! There is really no "bad time" to play some people watching games. The stakes are low and you can quit/start/pick back up any time.

WHERE to go

Here, There, Everywhere...

Since crazy can strike at anywhere and at any moment, this is one of those people watching games that you can play... anywhere! Granted, it's better to play this game out in public (where you'll actually see people) than alone in your house or apartment. But, that's your choice. You make the game as "easy" or as "hard" as you want. For me, I generally have a few of the people watching games in my head for different types of places. When all else fails, just go for a walk downtown (on a sunny day) and you'll see a whole heck of a lot of people that you can creepily stare at and assign some made up motives and character traits to!