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Souvenier Window Shopper


Souvenirs are always overpriced and generally low quality. The value is in the memory they represent. But, what about the actual monetary value they represent? Sometimes a fun game for me is to think about how much effort REALLY went into making the chincy pieces of crap you find at tourist traps.
Are these swirly earrings really worth $45? No.
How much do you think the store pays for them wholesale? What do you think the mark-up is & what do the profits go to? How many of these earrings do you think they actually sell & when was the last sale? (and to what customer!?).
Basically, figure out the entire supply chain and level of work involved in this enterprise, then discuss with your date if you think this is a viable business venture (and if not, what would make it a viable one?

The Overview

WHAT You Need

Browsing For Bullshit

I'm always fascinated by the trinkets people make and subsequently sell to some local shop. The idea that so many people had to say "yes" to get this thing from idea to shelf blows my mind sometoimes (especially when the souveniors are absolute trash).
What type of effort do you think went into making said item?
What was the 'chain of command' when it came to getting this product designed and made? Is it a one-person operation, or a sprawling capitalistic venture providing incomes to numerous families?
All of that is up to you!

WHEN to do it

Vacation, Staycation, or Fakecation

If there's a shop to buy kitchy shit (and it's open), then your "when" is now. Aside from taking into account business hours and maximum occupancy, you can pretty much just figure out a place you want to walk around and

WHERE to go

Getting Stuck In A Tourist Trap

Beach towns are notorious for having a string of stores that sell nothing but low quality trash. Granted, you don't need to be near the ocean to find a store that totally sucks. There are awful stores everywhere--you just have to keep your eyes open.