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Shitty City Chauffeur


Everyone likes to ride in style.... and some people settle for riding on public transit... which is what you'll need to do for this date.
Public transit has come a long way since I was a kid. However,a few things remain constant, and that’s the fact that there is fabulous people-watching aboard the City bus/subway/or light rail.

You will no doubt see a series of stories unfold during your short trip… and what better way to enhance the fun, than to share it with a date?!

But let’s kick it up a notch—here’s a checklist of items you’re both looking for; a scavenger hunt almost. Just a little something to make the ride a tad more exciting.

  • A wino or someone drunk in public
  • A street without a vowel in it (hint: numbers)
  • A person wearing a hat
  • An old lady
  • A young lady
  • Someone with a service animal

The Overview

WHAT You Need

Bus fare for 2 and a medium bottle of hand-sanitizer

A ride on the bus isn't too terrible when you've got great companionship or at least some weird people to watch.
Take a nice loop around your city with your own (public) driver. And to further pass the time, there is a list of items you should be trying to locate.
Basically, if I-Spy was on the bus... which is what you'd be doing.

You get the idea..

WHEN to do it

How late do the busses run? (and how safe is your city?)

I think the busses around me run until 12:30am most nights. Your town's public transit may differ, so besbest to check your city's website or transportation provider to get accurate times.
You can probably Google-maps the bus route around your city and see the approx. length of time it takes to make the full round.

Might want to get an idea of this beforehand, just in case...

WHERE to go

Right here... well, there.. where ever you are

Bus, subway, train, etc. Probably not a viable idea to play inside an Uber or Lyft... but if you've got the money to burn.. the private experience might be that extra wow factor that will really impress your date. However, considering this is CheapSkateDates, I don't think the private-cab thing is a smart way to redistribute your wealth.
You may consider what the safest route is, or secondarily--the most scenic route--to take.