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Ain't Got TIMESHARE For That


Timeshare presentations are ubiquitous. Best of all, if you sit through an entire one, they usually reward you with a prize for your stamina and durability when it comes to resisting high pressure sales. My parents used to do this ALL the time. It was like a game to them. They'd sit down for these "free lunches" or "Get a $100 Visa Gift card" presentations. It doesn't always have to be for a timeshare, but often these give the best prize/reward.
Regardless, the idea is simple--find an offer, find a date, attend the offer, have fun!
The key is that you're obviously not going to buy the product or service they're offering.
You know that.
Hopefully they don't.

So, with that in mind, you and your date can go in as anybody you want. Are you Gina & Dave, a newly engaged couple who's looking to buy into a vacation property? Neil and Linda, a duo who recently sold their condo after moving in together and now are sitting on a huge chunk of money that they need to invest or it may screw up their taxes next year? You can be anyone. Role play. Have fun. Dress up even! Make it fun!

The Overview

WHAT You Need

Timeshare Presentations = free meal + Visa Gift card - Your Time + Funny Story

Seriously. My parents used to do this all the time. Granted, they were in like the top 1% for RCI or VI or something, so there was no reason to ever buy into more points... but the presenters never knew that (until the end). That's one way it made it very easy to say "no thanks" to the high pressure sales tactics.
Another way to avoid that is by just being super cheap or poor--you either don't want to afford it or simply can't! Brilliant!

Find a Timeshare presentation that offers a free gift or at least a meal you are interested in, find a date who's game for it, and enjoy! You can even dress up and pretend to be a long time married couple, even if it's your first date.

WHEN to do it

The 3rd week of any months ending in Y..

You're pretty much at the mercy of whatever company is putting on the presentation. It's not like a standard restaurant where you can just call and make reservations for a time you want. You have to be on the lookout for these events and if you see them, make sure to make note of the date & time.

WHERE to go

Timeshares, Free Dinner Events, Free [something] Seminar, etc.

Sometimes you'll get these things in the mail, sometimes you'll find them online, sometimes you'll get recruited by your friends and neighbors. Either way, be on the lookout for these opportunities to get a free meal, gift card, or some other thing of value to you. If you dig around a little, you'll find a whole bunch of these types of events in your area.