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Self-Help Section Projection


This is a fun game that doesn’t have to be limited to the “Personal Growth” or Self-Help sections of the book store.

In fact, I love branching out and exploring other areas. This sometimes leads to even funnier “problems” you project onto your date.

A funny one is pulling a book on rare animal diseases from the veterinary section, skimming through a few pages, and then proclaiming that your date exhibits all the classic signs of // some crazy disease that only animals get //.

If you’re creative & a little imaginative, this is a fun date to go on. Plus, there’s generally a coffee shop or something to grab a drink before/after.

The Overview

WHAT You Need

Walking around the bookstore, making up bullshit

Start out in an easy section like weird diseases or the area dedicated to Psychological and Sociological Disorders and branch your way out to rows the require more imagination.

WHEN to do it

Bookstores have hours... and criminals have lockpicks?

Probably safest to just stick to regular business hours. Pick a time when they're open and not super busy, then get in and do your thing!

WHERE to go

Large Bookstores like Barnes & Noble or others

The bigger and more bustling, the better. The larger an area to wander around, the more time you can spend and the more ideas you can get to talk about.