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Worst Wedding Registry EVER


Target (and other websites) allow you to create a FREE wedding registry. The cool thing about Target is you can grab these nifty little hand-scanners from the Customer Service desk and go scan items and add them to your registry. This is a free service they provide, probably exactly for this reason--so people can use it as a cheap and funny way to have a dumb date.
Getting set up is super simple. All you need to do is:

  • Create a account
  • Setup your Wedding Registry on there
  • Take your date to Target & grab a hand scanner at Customer Service
  • Go make the absolute worst wedding registry ever!

The Overview

WHAT You Need

Create the most ridiculous wedding registry

Using a free wedding registry service like's, head to a location and grab a hand scanner from the customer service department. From there, you and your date can roam the isles, scanning and adding the craziest items to your list in hopes that some rich wedding guest will buy it for you (or at least look at it and wonder "wtf?!?")
Whether it's a first date or the 14th, you get to image yourselves as if you were gong to get hitched (make up the reason) and now it's your chance to ask for all the crap you can't afford on your own!

WHEN to do it

Target's open late!

I think Target's open til like 11pm in many places. But reglardless, it's probably best to check the store hours first before heading out there. Otherwise you'll have your first nearly-married-fight.

WHERE to go

Right over the Target... .com

As you can probably tell.... I suggest Target. However, there may not be a location in your area and you can choose something like Bed Bath & Beyond or Macy's instead. All of them should have free services and hand scanners. (it's only fun if you get to goto the store and scan stuff with the laser thing).