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Walking Rescue Dogs to the Rescue!


Who doesn't love dogs? Walking dogs on a date can be a fun way to get to know somebody and not feel the same pressures of a "regular date". However, not all of us have dogs--even if we like them! If either of you have a dog(s), suggest that you take them for a walk. If you're both in the same boat and do not have dogs, a fun idea is to take advantage of local dog walking programs. This way, you get to exercise, chat, and play with some pups! All for free even!
Find some local programs for walking dogs, find a time that works, and have at it!

The Overview

WHAT You Need

Walking + Dogs = Good Times

Some of the Conversation Games you can play include things like:

  • Which dog at this dog park is good enough for [your dog]?
    Which of these muts would you let get fresh with your wo/man's best friend?
  • If your dog were a person, what kind of perosn would they be?
    Are they an asshole cheery morning person who's blood seems to be made of coffee? Basically the guy at the office who's always way too happy and excited about stuff? Maybe they're a crotchety old man who sits on his porch and yells at the kids to get off his lawn? What human traits do you think this dog embodies most? (from the single walk you've apparently taken them on haha)
  • Is this dog a player or virgin?
    Horn dog Harry or Virtuous Vivian? Want to test if your analysis is correct? Take them off leash and see what happens! (totally kidding--DO NOT do that)
  • This dogs previous life/job?
    What did this dog do before it found itself here? Was it working in fixed underground dog racing contests and Fido didn't throw the race like he was supposed to? Did this dog escape from a puppy mill and is looking for a new home?
Whatever you can come up with, just make it fun and entertaining!

WHEN to do it

There's a time and a place... on their website

You can usually find programs through your local humane society or non-profit animal rescues where they'll allow you to sign up and walk the dogs or play with the animals. These are usually free and run on a schedule (can't just show up for some doggo-time on a whim).

WHERE to go

Ask around..

The Humane Society is the best place to start. Another simple option is to ask a few local vets if they know of any dog walking programs. If anyone is clued into the pup-scene, you'd assume it'd be the local vet/animal hospital. Just walk right in, politely introduce yourself to the receptionist, and ask if there are any local dog walking programs for the humane society or rescues. Anyone who works with animals obviously loves animals and will be happy to help.