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Pre-Funk Before The Pool... Hall!


You can’t always expect to go out on Friday or Saturday night for a frugal fare. However, if you’re willing to go during “non peak times”, you can generally do those same sorts of activities for a fraction of the cost.

Pool is often one of those options. A few bars in my area offer “free pool” on certain days or during certain hours.

If you are willing to go out on a Sunday afternoon as opposed to a Friday night, you may able to run some racks for next to nothing!

Otherwise, if you just simply can’t manage the off-hour outings or mid-day meetups, here’s a possible solution to going out on peak evenings without paying peak prices...

The Overview

WHAT You Need

"I get really good between beers 2 and 3..."

Bars often offer FREE POOL on certain days. To encourage more degenerates to come in and drink during the early afternoons, bars have taken to offering things like “free pool” on Sundays & other typically “slower” times.

Find a place you enjoy that has a pool table (and NOT a pool league that night) and possibly some beverage options.
If you're too cheap to buy a couple drinks, you can pre-funk in the car and 'babysit' a beer the rest of the evening.
You may need a bunch of quarters as well..

WHEN to do it

Consider the 'off-night' times...

A number of bars and taverns will offer free pool on Sunday afternoons or Wednesday nights or some other typically slow day (the bar is trying to drive business in on an otherwise crap night for them).
See if there are any places in your area that offer free pool and consider settling in there.
Another (half decent) option would be to learn to pick locks and take the glass guard off the table.
Either way.

WHERE to go

Bars or Billiard spots

As long as they have a(n available) pool table and a cue or two, you're pretty much good to go.
Now, add in a little 'social lubricant' aka alcohol and you can loosen up and have some more uninhibitted fun.