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Stripper Name Or Regular Noun


The context of things make all the difference. If we are talking about "Candy", you may picture a sweet treat... or you may picture a sweet piece of ass. Stripper names are generally synonymous with gem stones or sugary foods, but they can really be anything. You and your date will go back and forth, spouting off potential-Stripper-names and then describing what song they'd perform to and their signature move(s).

The Overview

WHAT You Need

Is it a Noun or a Stripper?

The game isn't very hard (pun intended). The idea is simple--come up with a name that could either represent an everyday noun or a stage name for a stripper.
Once you have come up with a name, then decide on what song this exotic dancer likes to perform to as well as the signature move that they do to earn all the $$$ from their sleazey patrons.

WHEN to do it

A Game That Requires Little Warming Up

Whenever the mood strikes, you can pull this little conversation game out of your back pocket and have a laugh. Since we aren't reliant on business hours to facilitate the timing of this date, you can pretty much just drop this into conversation whenever and let the good times roll!

WHERE to go

Anywhere. Any time. Any (well, almost) Noun...

Since this is a game based on imagination and conversation, it's something you can do virtually anywhere--even online, over a Zoom call if necessary. Granted, a great place for name inspiration would be a strip club... however, that kind of negates the idea of these dates being cheap.
Generally, strip clubs don't appreciate folks who are just here to browse.