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The Open Mic Talent Scouts


Everyone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame (or however long they can stretch it), especially people actually performing. So, find a local open mic--comedy, music, whatever--and make a plan!

You and your date will attend the "performance" under the assumed identity of Talent Scouts. Create whatever fake talent agency you want (extra credit if you can come up with some fake business cards--granted, this could be as easy as cutting a 3x5 card into a business card and hand writing something to the effect of "Good Talent Scout"). Another great prop to bring is a pen and pad to take notes (or play a game of Hangman with your date if the performers are that boring).

The Overview

WHAT You Need

You're going to Hollywood... district

Watching up and coming talent can be fun (or not). Sometimes though, it's even more fun to "get in on the performance" aspect of things and be an observing talent agent, looking for the next major star.

You and your date will find a suitable seat, get out your notebooks, order a beverage or two, and then start deciding who's fame-worthy, and who needs to keep their day job.

WHEN to do it

Thursday? Tuesday? When's an open mic?

If you have a comedy club in your area, they will no doubt have an open mic night.
They tend to be on the less-busy nights, but there's usually no cover charge. Get there a little early though, just in case.

WHERE to go

Comedy club, Jazz bar, Music venue?

If you're not already abreast of the local spots to watch strangers perform what they believe is talent, hop on to Gewgle and see where any "local comedy" or "open mic night" are.
Once you've found one that suits, the rest is ... well, the rest.