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I Think I L-IKEA You


Take a trip to your nearest IKEA. Casually browse, stopping in each “display room” to sit down and tell the story of the person(s) who live there. Describe what your lives would look like there.

Describe what struggle the IKEA employees had trying to put that damn room together with those awful directions.

Then, if you’re feeling daring, buy a piece of furniture that the two of YOU can put together (then take it apart and return—keep your receipt!)

And of course, there’s always the IKEA food court--here’s a pro tip from personal experience though: don’t order the fish; they’re known for Swedish Meatballs for a reason (and not salmon).

You’re welcome.

The Overview

WHAT You Need

Browse IKEA displays & role-play your future

What would your lives be like living in this display room? Does IKEA rent these rooms out after-hours to people? Maybe a new revenue stream for them...? Like an AirBnB, but IKEAirBnB. They can even provide a continent breakfast (only 1 continent). I don't know, but it's something you two can discuss..

WHEN to do it

Timing is important.. but so are Business Hours

Play it safe, go check their website and figure out when they close. Yes, I too like to live dangerously, but some things you just don't leave to chance...

To further drill down, what are you looking for? Relaxed conversation? A platform for people watching? If it's busy (like on the weekends or around "back to school" time), you will have a slew of interesting people to observe and create backstories for. Otherwise, if you want a little less chaos, you might want to stick to non-peak hours/days.)

WHERE to go

IKEA Locations

Hopefully there's an IKEA location around you (you can use the "Find A.." feature to check). Assuming so, then this should be pretty straightforward.
If there is NOT an IKEA location close by to you... pick a different activity.